Orange County Housing Report: Housing Insanity When Will it End?

By Steven Thomas / November 1, 2021

The residential resale housing market has been at an unrelenting, torrid, insane pace since July of last year, and, seemingly, nothing will slow it down.

Interest Rates juicing the market
Historically low rates have let to the expected market time dropping to 23 days, the lowest level for this time of year since tracking began in 2004.

For Los Angeles fans, prior to 2002, it seemed that their team would never make the World Series. The Major League Baseball franchise was founded in 1961, and it took them 41 years until they reached the pinnacle games.  They had only earned 3 trips to the playoffs prior.  As a fan, there were more losing games than winning games, so any vision of hoisting the World Series Commissioner’s Trophy was more of a daydream.  There was no light at the end of the tunnel, until the Angels made the playoffs with a wild card berth in 2002.  They became only the second team ever to win their solo World Series appearance.

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