Orange County Housing Report: Luxury Soars

By Steven Thomas / October 18, 2021

In June of last year, housing climbed out of the COVID lockdowns and resurfaced firing on all cylinders.  It was as if someone had flipped a switch .  Then in 2021, the real estate marked evolved further, from red hot to white hot.  Overnight, the real estate industry had become accustomed to throngs of showings, multiple offers, and homes selling for more than their asking prices.  A surprising twist was that the luxury housing market surged right along with the lower price ranges and at a record pace.

What sparked the wave of luxury sales? The run-up on Wall Street has certainly helped. After the S&P plunged 32% at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, it nearly doubled since, swelling by 94%.  It surpassed the prior, pre-COVID, record height in August 2020.  The record low interest rate environment is a key factor in luxury’s elevated demand as well.  And, the inventory crisis does not only include the lower ranges, luxury buyers have confronted with an extremely limited supply of available homes to purchase.

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