The Orange County Housing Report: Waiting will be costly

April 5, 2021 / By Steven Thomas

Even though buyers are exceedingly frustrated with the housing market after writing too many offers to no avail, waiting until the market gets easier in not the answer.

Cost of Waiting
Housing will become more unaffordable as homes continue to rapidly appreciate and mortgage rates rise.

Ask any buyer what it is like attempting to purchase a home in today’s housing market and the response will be the same.  It is frustrating, overwhelming, exhausting and disheartening.  Buyers consistently get their hopes up and run around each weekend to see the few new houses that are now available.  They ultimately write another offer.  A few days later they write a counter offer, often for way more than the asking price.  They agonizingly wait another day or two only to find out that they are not the winning bidder.  It is back to the drawing board, again.

It feels like a dog chasing its own tail, a pointless exercise that ends in exhaustion.  After writing offer after offer with no success, many buyers become discouraged and question whether they should continue to pursue their dream in purchasing a home.  Maybe they should wait until the market is not so blistering hot, or until they have a larger down payment, or when there are more homes available.  The facts and data illustrate why waiting is not a great strategy at all.

While it may be discouraging for buyers to continue the pursuit in purchasing a home, diving into the consequences of waiting will keep them motivated….

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